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Training and Compliance for charter, public and private schools
Here are the trainings we offer for schools

  • There’s Always Something New to Learn: Legal Updates You Need to Know! 
  • How Not to Get Terminated from Your Administrator Position (and What to do if it Happens).
  • Bullying and Harassment & Smart Social Media: When the Administrator is Bullied 
  • Top Ten Mistakes a New Leader Makes 
  • A Comprehensive System for Threat Assessment and Management in the Schools 
  • Retaining Your Principal (How to Become an Employer of Choice) 
  • Student Discipline: Key Strategies for Upholding Policies while Avoiding Legal Problems
  • How to Conduct Sexual Harassment Investigations 
  • How to Successfully Manage “Those Parents.” 
  • So You Are A New Principal - A Primer on Surviving the First Year 
  • Free Speech issues: How to Identify and Handle Rights 
  • Coaching and Extra Curricular Activity Issues
  •  Wages & Hours, Hiring, Evaluations, Complaints 
  • Emergency!:District and School Response  
  • The Top Ten Issues in Charter Schools 
  • Are Your Policies Up to Date? 
  • Partnering With Your PTO 
  • Student Civil Rights 
  • Successfully Managing Teacher Discipline Issues  
  • Writing Someone Up Without Getting Yourself Written Up 
  • Responding to Concerns about Student Behavior and Threats 
  • Complaints and Appeal -- Standards, Discrimination, and Restraints 
  • Special Education: What Will Get You Sued 
  • Avoiding Employment Lawsuits 
  • IEP and 504 101: A Legal Primer 
  • Loopholes in Policy that Make You Hear “I’m Calling My Lawyer.”

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